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390    :Rheumatic fever without mention of heart involvement

391    :Rheumatic fever with heart involvement

392    :Rheumatic chorea

393    :Chronic rheumatic pericarditis

394    :Diseases of mitral valve

395    :Diseases of aortic valve

396    :Diseases of mitral and aortic valves

397    :Diseases of other endocardial structures

398    :Other rheumatic heart disease

398.9 :Other rheumatic heart disease- Other and unspecified rheumatic heart diseases

401    :Essential hypertension

402    :Hypertensive heart disease

402.0 :Hypertensive heart disease- Malignant

402.1 :Hypertensive heart disease- Benign

402.9 :Hypertensive heart disease- Unspecified

403.0 :Hypertensive renal disease- Malignant

403.1 :Hypertensive renal disease- Benign

403.9 :Hypertensive renal disease- Unspecified

404.0 :Hypertensive heart and renal disease- Malignant

404.1 :Hypertensive heart and renal disease- Benign

404.9 :Hypertensive heart and renal disease- Unspecified

405.0 :Secondary hypertension- Malignant

405.1 :Secondary hypertension- Benign

405.9 :Secondary hypertension- Unspecified

410.0 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of anterolateral wall

410.1 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of other anterior wall

410.2 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of inferolateral wall

410.3 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of inferoposterior wall

410.4 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of other inferior wall

410.5 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of other lateral wall

410.6 :Acute myocardial infarction- True posterior wall infarction

410.7 :Acute myocardial infarction- Subendocardial infarction

410.8 :Acute myocardial infarction- Of other specified sites

410.9 :Acute myocardial infarction- Unspecified site

411    :Other acute and subacute forms of ischemic heart disease

411.8 :Other acute and subacute forms of ischemic heart disease- Other

412    :Old myocardial infarction

413    :Angina pectoris

414    :Other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease

414.0 :Other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease- Coronary atherosclerosis

414.1 :Other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease- Aneurysm and dissection of heart

415    :Acute pulmonary heart disease

415.1 :Acute pulmonary heart disease- Pulmonary embolism and infarction

416    :Chronic pulmonary heart disease

417    :Other diseases of pulmonary circulation

420    :Acute pericarditis

420.9 :Acute pericarditis- Other and unspecified acute pericarditis

421    :Acute and subacute endocarditis

422    :Acute myocarditis

422.9 :Acute myocarditis- Other and unspecified acute myocarditis

423    :Other diseases of pericardium

424    :Other diseases of endocardium

424.9 :Other diseases of endocardium- Endocarditis, valve unspecified

425    :Cardiomyopathy

426    :Conduction disorders

426.1 :Conduction disorders- Atrioventricular block, other and unspecified

426.5 :Conduction disorders- Bundle branch block, other and unspecified

426.8 :Conduction disorders- Other specified conduction disorders

427    :Cardiac dysrhythmias

427.3 :Cardiac dysrhythmias- Atrial fibrillation and flutter

427.4 :Cardiac dysrhythmias- Ventricular fibrillation and flutter

427.6 :Cardiac dysrhythmias- Premature beats

427.8 :Cardiac dysrhythmias- Other specified cardiac dysrhythmias

428    :Heart failure

428.2 :Systolic heart failure

428.3 :Diastolic heart failure

428.4 :Combined systolic and diastolic heart failure

429    :Ill-defined descriptions and complications of heart disease

429.7 :Ill-defined descriptions and complications of heart disease- Certain sequelae of myocardial infarction, not elsewhere classified

429.8 :Ill-defined descriptions and complications of heart disease- Other ill-defined heart diseases

430    :Subarachnoid hemorrhage

431    :Intracerebral hemorrhage

432    :Other and unspecified intracranial hemorrhage

433.0 :Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries- Basilar artery

433.1 :Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries- Carotid artery

433.2 :Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries- Vertebral artery

433.3 :Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries- Multiple and bilateral

433.8 :Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries- Other specified precerebral artery

433.9 :Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral arteries- Unspecified precerebral artery

434.0 :Occlusion of cerebral arteries- Cerebral thrombosis

434.1 :Occlusion of cerebral arteries- Cerebral embolism

434.9 :Occlusion of cerebral arteries- Cerebral artery occlusion, unspecified

435    :Transient cerebral ischemia

436    :Acute, but ill-defined, cerebrovascular disease

437    :Other and ill-defined cerebrovascular disease

438    :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease

438.1 :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease- Speech and language deficits

438.2 :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease- Hemiplegia/hemiparesis

438.3 :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease- Monoplegia of upper limb

438.4 :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease- Monoplegia of lower limb

438.5 :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease- Other paralytic syndrome

438.8 :Late effects of cerebrovascular disease- Other late effects of cerebrovascular disease

440    :Atherosclerosis

440.2 :Atherosclerosis- Of native arteries of the extremities

440.3 :Atherosclerosis- Of bypass graft of the extremities

441.0 :Aortic aneurysm and dissection- Dissection of aorta

441    :Aortic aneurysm and dissection

442    :Other aneurysm

442.8 :Other aneurysm- Of other specified artery

443    :Other peripheral vascular disease

443.2 :Other arterial dissection

443.8 :Other peripheral vascular disease- Other specified peripheral vascular diseases

444    :Arterial embolism and thrombosis

444.2 :Arterial embolism and thrombosis- Of arteries of the extremities

444.8 :Arterial embolism and thrombosis- Of other specified artery

445    :Atheroembolism

445.0 :Of extremities

445.8 :Of other sites

446    :Polyarteritis nodosa and allied conditions

446.2 :Polyarteritis nodosa and allied conditions- Hypersensitivity angiitis

447    :Other disorders of arteries and arterioles

448    :Disease of capillaries

451    :Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis

451.1 :Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis- Of deep vessels of lower extremities

451.8 :Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis- Of other sites

452    :Portal vein thrombosis

453    :Other venous embolism and thrombosis

454    :Varicose veins of lower extremities

455    :Hemorrhoids

456    :Varicose veins of other sites

456.2 :Varicose veins of other sites- Esophageal varices in diseases classified elsewhere

457    :Noninfectious disorders of lymphatic channels

458    :Hypotension

459    :Other disorders of circulatory system

459.1 :Postphlebitic syndrome

459.3 :Chronic venous hypertension (idiopathic)

459.8 :Other disorders of circulatory system- Other specified disorders of circulatory system

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